Howdy Folks! It’s been awhile. The signs are up, the doors are open, the fluoridated water is a- flowing and we are accepting new patients! Speaking of new patients, we thought we’d answer a question that comes up often in speaking with parents.

“When should I bring my child in for their first dental appointment?”

Great question! It’s even better because I can answer it! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommend a dental visit by age one. We know that may seem early, especially when some little critters may only have one or two teeth by then, but here’s why:

1-     We can’t help ourselves, we love to teach! Kids don’t come with handbooks; in fact, I remember leaving the hospital after my son was born thinking “uhh… wait a sec, the nurses aren’t coming home with me?”. We are here to help, and we love doing so. We can tell you what we know and what to expect down the road. We want to set your child up with the best chance of staying cavity free life-long by working with you to establish healthy habits that work for your family.

2-     Emergencies happen (although hopefully not to your child). Kids will be kids, and it seems as if front teeth have little bull’s-eyes on them. Honestly, it is remarkable that most children survive childhood with any teeth remaining at all. If a trauma or dental emergency happens, having a previously established relationship with a pediatric dentist will make it easier to obtain care. It also can make a potentially scary scenario a little easier for your child. They are already familiar with the surroundings, the sounds, the tools, the lights, and, not to mention, the people sticking their hands in their mouth

What should you expect at the age one visit?

After all the requisite forms have been filled out, we will meet, greet, and seat y’all. Young toddlers can be hesitant to sit in the dental chair by themselves, so often we perform a “knee to knee” or “lap” exam. The parent and the dentist will put their knees together forming a flat surface where the child can recline onto a pillow into the dentist’s lap. We can then perform our dental exam, clean any teeth we find, and then cover those newly cleaned teeth with fluoride. Your child may cry, and that is ok. We are efficient and get in and out as quickly as possible. We will happily answer any questions y’all have and may offer suggestions, but that is basically what to expect for that first visit for your youngster.

Sound good? Great! We can’t wait to see y’all- give us a call to set up an appointment (919) 391- 3813!

Take it easy-