Chatham Pediatric Dentistry is soaking in the early summer sun, and Drs. Alex and Kev have been sitting on the porch swing in jorts and sleeveless Dukakis ‘88 t-shirts as we press ice-cold glasses of water to our foreheads. The crickets deafen us with their incessant songs, and all around us there is a chaos of growth and green.

It is in this spirit of growth that we’d like to introduce you to the newest team member of CPD. It took about fourteen seconds of talking to her before we decided to beg her to come and work for us. She was easily tricked with the promise of being featured prominently on our blog.

Here’s Amber! She’s new and fantastic! We always shout in captions!

Here’s Amber! She’s new and fantastic! We always shout in captions!

Amber is freshly graduated with a bachelor of science in dental hygiene from UNC, passed all of the requisite certifying exams with flying carpets (or is it colors? Naw, dude. Carpets, definitely), and she’s waiting patiently for the NC Dental Board to hand over her formal license to practice dental hygiene. In the meantime, we’re taking advantage of the fact that she’s already a well-trained dental assistant who worked with Drs. Alex and Kevin when they were in the department of pediatric dentistry at UNC.

Amber grew up in Alamance County and she lives there to this day. She spends her time loving on her nephew and walking her dogs. When we say “walking her dogs” we mean it. She’s got three ranging in size from great pyrenees to German shepherd/lab mix to maltipoo. She has assured us that “maltipoo” is a real breed of dog, but we’re also keeping up a healthy suspicion.

Amber’s been working with children since entering the field of dentistry. We’re incredibly fortunate that Dr. Alex has extensive training in mixed martial arts and was able to fend off all the other suitors who attempted to hire Amber.

But, just like the Byrds tried to tell us when they translated Ecclesiastes into hippie English in the 60s, there can’t be new growth without some fruits falling off of the tree. Our beloved dental assistant Monica is going to be leaving CPD, going back towards her home in Caswell County. If you’ve never been to Caswell, you’re missing out. It’s a virtual paradise of rolling hills, well-tended fields, and Yanceyvilles. We are going to miss her dearly. We are grateful that she was willing to drive an hour each way to help out the kids at CPD for an entire year, and we wish her great success in her future.