A lotta bit about us

Howdy—we’re Dr. Boudreau and Dr. Ricker. But to our spouses, kids, dogs, cats, and HVAC guys, we’re really just Alex and Kevin. We love our specialty and what we do, but more than anything, we love helping people—especially the little ones. We love helping people because, well, we are people. We’re Chatham County, Chapel Hill, Durham and Pittsboro people. We just happen to be the ones holding the fluoride. 


I grew up mostly in Jamestown, North Carolina, after living in south Florida and Texas. I met a girl in sixth grade and tricked her into marrying me twelve years later.  In the meantime, I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I obtained a BA in mathematics.  After working as a public high school teacher and tennis coach, I began a career in healthcare information technology at North Carolina Baptist Hospital/Wake Forest School of Medicine.  The longer I spent time working in healthcare, the more I wanted to treat patients directly.  I resigned, sold my house, moved into a tiny apartment next to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and took the science coursework required to apply to dental school. I graduated from the UNC School of Dentistry with honors and distinction, and I served as the president of our class throughout dental school.  I transitioned directly into UNC's pediatric dentistry residency program, where my wife and I decided to make things as easy as possible by having two children.  

When I'm not putting my hands into kid's mouths, I'm caving into my children's demands to play the guitar loudly.  Or drums.  Loudly.  Let's be honest - those kids just want to dance, and they're not clever enough to require actual music, just brain-crushing volume.  I think snakes are cool, and I like to take their pictures if I happen to run into one.

Sneak a peek at our chops


I should start by saying I hated the dentist growing up. I remember dreading going to the dentist because that meant I’d get bad news (No sweets! Brush better! Cavities! Shame!)!  But life has a way of having you do the very things you swore you’d never and here I am, a pediatric dentist (but for real, I am never going to become my mom). Let me fill you in on the in between.

I was born in Massachusetts but my parents visited NC, fell victim to the state’s charm, and we quickly moved to Wilmington, where I was raised.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude from NC State University (Go Wolfpack!), met my now husband, and headed straight to dental school at UNC. I learned early on in dental school that I loved working with children and sought out any and all opportunities I could to gain experience. After graduating with honors from UNC’s dental school I began working as a general dentist treating only children in Southern Pines, NC.  Eventually I decided I hadn’t gotten enough of school and I completed a three-year residency in Pediatric Dentistry at UNC.  During residency my husband and I had a baby, our “first born” dog- quickly learned how to play second fiddle (good pup!), obtained my masters degree, and became a yoga teacher.  Just to keep pace, I also went ahead and had a second baby.  Whew- now you’re up to speed!

I love working with kids, and will treat yours as my own. I wish there were more hours in the day that I could fill with practicing yoga, hanging with my family and insisting that Kevin does not need to turn his amp all the way up to eleven. 

Sneak a peek at our chops

Please don’t steal my nose today... I’m going flower picking!
— Julie, age 5