At CPD, we’re always looking to hire the best and brightest staff. Let’s take a minute and introduce them to you while they’re being eaten by a fish.


If you know CPD, you know Heather. Hailing from the wilds of the north, she came to Chatham carrying a wealth of experience in pediatric dentistry. She’s as skilled as it gets when it comes to appointments, insurance, forms, and avoiding getting attacked by toothy fish. She spends her days off playing outdoors and enjoying time with family and friends. When she gets the chance, she tries to get to Vegas or Disney World. Also, she’s fond of holding pumpkins that are being actively attacked by toothy fish.


Monica’s the newest addition to the CPD team. Freshly graduated from Alamance Community College’s acclaimed dental assisting program, she flies in each day from Caswell County in her own private jet. She likes to read about school-aged wizards and their half-dracula opponents, spend time with her husky Loki (here, we’re referring to a dog breed, not a mildly overweight Norse deity), and fish for bass. Not catfish, though, those things are gross. Speaking of fish, one is eating her head RIGHT NOW.


Brittany’s been the anchor of clinical care at CPD since our opening. After having worked with Dr. Kevin at another practice, she decided she was least likely to be attacked by a toothy fish if she worked with him again. Brittany’s the kind of girl who likes snakes (sand boas specifically). She likes metal. She likes to eat (but not snakes or metal). Speaking of eating, here’s what she looks like when a toothy fish is devouring her head. If she can maintain this level of self-aware-collectedness while being eaten alive, imagine how well she does in helping patients.


Arley’s one of our spokesmodels. Her professional interests concern unicorns and their hair, with a particular interest in brushing said hair. She likes shouting loudly at unexpected times while riding in cars, demanding hugs, and dancing. She’s no fan of asparagus - let’s make that clear. On the weekends, you’ll find her playing “Neighborhood Steve” with her dad, which is a game where you walk around and say “Hi, I’m Neighborhood Steve - I enjoy local artisan barbecue” over and over again in a game show host voice. Also, she is getting eaten by a toothy fish.

You’d think that at some point we’d start locking the door and not letting toothy fish into our office, but we’re pro-teeth here at CPD. If we get the chance to help improve fish tooth awareness by allowing our staff and children to be eaten by fish, that’s a chance we’re willing to take.